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Episode 25: Whit and Christina discover soup cocktails and the art of getting crunked on your lunchbreak. Also, they tell you what not to do with leftover wine and what to do with leftover corks. Finally, Carmen Grape-iago is galloping around Horse Heaven Hills on the show's weekly imaginery wine adventure. Find out where she is!

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Episode 24: The ladies explore cheeky wine names; is it really all about what's on the outside that sells? What wine term is derived from the word for fir tree in German? They'll tell you. And Carmen Grape-iago will be drinking with Whitney's ancestors this week. Where could she be?

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Episode 23: does listening to music influence the way a wine tastes and what should you drink while listening to...Barbra Streisand? We'll tell you. Our favorite value wines under $10, but why you should normally spend more. Finally, Carmen Grape-iago travels to the Far East. Find out where!

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Episode 22: Whitney and Christina talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of what they were drinking on Christmas. Hint: Manhattans in a bottle and wine by the Dave Matthews Band. They'll also chat about their favorite food/drinks/remedies for (potential) New Year's Day hangovers. Finally, the ladies reveal their 2012 wine world predictions.

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Episode 21: Carmen Grape-iage will be playing in the snow in this week's wintry wine region. Find out where! Laxative agents approved as a wine additive in Australia and the EU? Whitney and Christina investigate. And finally, the ladies talk Holiday meal traditions. Hear why Whitney will be bringing a flask of vino to her family's Christmas dinner.

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Episode 20: Whitney and Christina unveil a brand spanking new segment on the show- The Crush Quickfire. See who's in the hot seat this week! Plus, England debuts the "pull your own pint" machine...and the ladies think it's genius! They also reveal their favorite wines to drink with Chinese take out. And a whole ton of grapes more!

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