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Episode 35: The ladies have just returned from abroad. Hear what they have to say about the good, the bad and the ugly of wine press trips. WTF? OMG? Not just text speak, now the names of a series of wines (ugh.) And there's a guest host joining Whitney and Christina on this week's show! Find out which hot london sommleier it is.

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Episode 34: It's a show full of Fresh Press news! The Real Housewives are at it again, back in the wine biz. And Christina and Whitney are left to wonder, again, WHY? Also, the ladies get the latest scoop on the most famous coffee shop's latest venture into the world of wine and beer. And finally, what really goes into all those smooth, super fruity reds lining supermarket shelves? They reveal the depressing truth.

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Episode 33: Wine labels- the great debate. Do we list ingredients or keep it a mystery? The ladies virtually travel to the "cradle of wine civilization" and butcher every wine word from the region as they go. And finally, they'll tell you what pheasant's tears taste like...all that and more on this week's episode of The Crush!

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Episode 32: The ladies get the lowdown on the recent FBI bust of a multi-million dollar counterfeit operation, they've got a bearded winemaker with a horse named Ophelie in the Crush Quickfire hot seat and top tips for how to navigate a restaurant wine list (in a restaurant that has a crappy wine list).

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Episode 31: On today's show, Christina tells us what wine Woody Allen would drink. The Crush Quickfire interview is with one of Decanter's veteran writers and find out where in the world Chasselas comes from.

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Episode 30: This week Whitney and Christina celebrate the 30th birthday of The Crush. The ladies are chatting about Christina's trip to Lebanon, the atrocious wine people bring to Whitney's pop-up restaurant and seeing color when tasting wine.  They also turn the Quickfire questions onto themselves.  It's a fun one!

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Episode 29: The ladies are talking wood...of the barrel variety. And what Mexican drug lords like to drink! They also reveal one of the world's most uniquely shaped vines. Find out where!

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Episode 28: Love is in the air. It's The Crush Valentines Day special! In honour of this lovey dovey holiday, Whitney and Christina are talking all things sweet wine and drinking one together on air! Port, Madeira, Sherry, Vermouth and Marsala? Find out what all these wines have in common. All that and a whole bunch of grapes more.

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Episode 27: This week the ladies tell you about the sommelier documentary that has the wine world buzzing, the Never Drink Alone segment is back and a sweet sipper for Valentine's Day is announced and Whitney and Christina list their favorite winos to follow on Twitter.

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Episode 26: Whitney and Christina check out the mad libs of wine tasting notes, talk decanters and listen to an aerator in action live on the show and then clink glasses with a wine world celeb in this week's Crush Quickfire. Find out who...and much more!

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