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Episode 44: It's a super special episode today, dedicated to the dollars and cents of wine. The ladies are discussing why wine costs what it does and how much you should spend to get the best bang for your buck. Plus- Whitney chats with a California producer who gives us the scoop on winemaking costs from an insider's perspective.  Finally, how much would you spend on a round of drinks for your friends? Find out how much cash one 23-year-old dropped on a night in Liverpool.

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Episode 43: Someone decided that a wine bottle looked a little too naked. Find out his rather interesting solution for this problem! And Christina talks with a Spanish wine expert who reveals which hidden gems of Spain you should be drinking and what he'd pair with...churros. Finally, wine snobs unite! Why the ladies are card carrying members of the snob club and hope you will be too.

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Episode 42: The ladies are thinking and drinking PINK. Rose 101! They break it down for you and tell you what you should fill your glass with this summer. Also, the quirky habit of watering down wine- is it a do or a big fat don't?  Finally, wine fashion: is there ever a time you should wear it instead of drink it? An investigation is underway.

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Episode 41: Everyone's favorite wine-loving duo- Miles and Jack- are back at it again, this time performing live. The ladies give you the lowdown. Also, will wine writers ever make enough moolah to buy the wines they love? Probably not. Finally, America's most famous sex therapist unveils what she believes to be your best friend in the bedroom. And it's only 6% alcohol.

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Episode 40: Summer has officially begun! Find out what Whitney and Christina will be cracking open poolside. Italian wine expert Jeremy Parzen reveals his summertime house wine this year...and it's not Italian! Finally, Whitney chats moon cycles and cow horns with Oregon author Katherine Cole.

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Episode 39: Whitney and Christina are celebrating their moms and their wine quirks! They'll tell you how they guided their mothers into more adventurous wine territory. Hollywood is getting hip to the wine game. Find out which celebs are steaming up the silver screen's latest wine adventure. Also on the show- you too could taste wine like an expert! The ladies will tell you how.

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Episode 38: The self-serve beer bar makes its way to the States- frat boys everywhere rejoice! California bans foie gras, but if you can still get your hands on it they'll tell you what to drink with it. The ladies explore what's on a winemaker's playlist and finally, why peanut butter and jelly vodka is probably a bad idea.

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Get to know the ladies of The Crush! if this is your first time tuning in, here's an idea of how Christina and Whitney talk about the great big world of wine. And if you've been a loyal listener, now's the chance to revisit some favorite moments...and maybe laugh a little.

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Episode 37: Find out why Christina died and went to gin heaven. And The Wine Battle of Haro- a new Russell Crowe movie or a crazy Spanish wine festival? Finally, and most importantly, top tips for drinking alone.

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Episode 36: Which country boasts the biggest boozers? The answer may surprise you. Want to be part owner of a French winery? The ladies will tell you how. But, if you don't want to leave the comfort of your own home, they've got a few adventurous folks giving tips on growing vines in your backyard!

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