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Episode 54: It's that time of year. The time to give the gift of wine. Whitney and Christina will give you their top tips for choosing the best bottles for the ones you love. Plus, they'll answer a listener question by comparing wine to handbags. They have more in common than you think. Finally, the ladies are feeling generous. Stay tuned for all the info on the first Crush Holiday Giveaway!

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Episode 53: It's Christina's farewell love letter to London. She'll be debunking the misconceptions of London's most outdated food stereotypes by sharing the restaurants and wine bars she's come to love. Finally, the ladies will break down the mystery of AOC's, DOC'S, and IGT's. Do those three letters on a label equal better wine?

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Episode 52: Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it, an onslaught of wine recommendations. Whitney and Christina cut through all the noise and get down to the basics by telling you what will be gracing their tables this Thursday. What interesting feminine item has a UK chef been experimenting with? You'll never guess. Finally, does bad wine taste better at 20,000 feet? The ladies expore what happens to your taste buds up in the air. 

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Episode 51: The ladies are talking old stuff. What happens when a wine ages? And what wine should you be putting in your cellar to forget about? They'll tell you.

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Episode 50: It's the 50th episode of The Crush and it is getting presidential up in here! Is the way you lean politically also the way you lean when it comes to your drink choices? Finally, the ladies explore the awesome question, "Are presidents that drink better presidents?"

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Episode 49: The ladies are talking taste- what does it mean to you, how do we describe it and what's up with minerality in wine? Christina chats with wine writer Talia Baiocchi about why flowery tasting notes fall flat. Finally, what happens when two drunk men run loose in an Australian Sea World? All that and more, coming up!

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Episode 48: Christina and Whitney have just returned from their amazing German wine adventure and have a lot of über interesting info to share! They are talking things like red slate spiciness, the "Margarita Effect", crazy steep vineyards and doppelstücks. Finally, find out why they dubbed their travel group the Ausfahrt Gang.

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Episode 47: Carmen Grape-iago is back out in the wine world! Find out what unusual and unlikely region she's exploring. And rosé lovers beware! Whitney and Christina will tell you why you may not be drinking your favorite pink next summer. Finally, Spain's most famous restaurant has sadly closed it's doors but are opening the doors of their wine cellar for one big, amazing sale.

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Episode 46: The Olympics have come to an end!  Find out what extravagant drinks the medalists were indulging in post-games. And the ladies give you the skinny on low-calorie wines by putting them to the test. They reveal how they're made and if they're worth the taste sacrifice. Finally, in the name of research, Christina and Whitney indulge in a chocolate and wine pairing experiment. Find out which ones are a hit and which are a big fat miss.

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Episode 45:The ladies are taking a detour from the wine trail and talking all things BEER. Find out what words like cicerone and wort really mean. Finally, they've got a special guest on the show that's been drinking beer so long, he was once able to spend only 25 cents for a pint! All that and a whole lot more.

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