The Crush

Episode 64: On our final show, we;ve got some BIG announcements and are taking a walk down memory lane. We're waxing nostalgic by reminiscing about our most memorable wine adventures. From riding horses bareback to drinking Japanese wine in a Spanish cemetery, we reveal our favorite wine moments of all time.

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Episode 63: It's that time of year! The ladies are talking holiday parties, cocktails, wine wishlists, and resolutions. Plus, their pal Carmen is splashing out for the holidays in one of the priciest and most well loved wine regions around. Finally, they chat with one of New York's most bad ass saber-crazy somms.

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Episode 62: 

We're back and ready to go with a jam-packed show. We're answering listener questions, like what happens when a somm gets pregnant. We're following or always-traveling old pal Carmen Grape-iago along the wine trail. Where is she this time? That and a TON more!

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Episode 61: Find out about what Whitney drank in New Orleans and why fried green tomatoes always taste better in the South. The Crush's old pal Carmen Grape-iago has hit the wine road once again. This time she's in a place where comething called "renoster bos" covers the mountain slopes. Take a guess where she could be. Finally, the ladies chat with an importer cutting out the middle men, and in turn cutting your cost for a bottle of wine. 

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Episode 60: The ladies tell you the best way to "get your swirl on" and reveal whether or not the water flushes the opposite way in Australia. Speaking of water, the underwater wine aging trend has re-emerged, and we ask why. Finally, Whitney blind tastes some cocktail inspired candy. See how many she gets right...and how many she spits out. 

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Episode 59: Coming up on today's show...Plastic bladders and the unromantic side of wine transport. Christina gives the scoop on her favorite wines from Roostock, Australia's first natural wine fair. Plus, she has a few wine whines to get off her chest. Finally, does red Riesling exist and what wine pairs with Oreos??

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Episode 58: Egg whites and fish bladders. Whitney and Christina are talking animals and wine and why vegetarians should drink at their own risk. In pursuit of balance, that elusive word and what it really means when it comes to wine. Finally, the ladies tell you about the cool new wine tool you need if you're lucky enough to have a cellar full of old bottles.

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Episode 57: Carmen Grape-iago makes her valiant return and she's in white wine country this time. Can you figure out where she is? Plus, it was Australia Day down under and those Aussies like a good drinking game. Find out their creative use for a clothesline. Finally, the Johnny Cash song about wine you never knew existed. All that and more, coming up!

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Episode 56: It's a wine industry special! Listen along as the ladies take a peek at the inner workings of the wine biz. Whitney and Christina have a series of interviews with top industry players around the globe and break down all the cork dork terminology you need to know to sound like an expert.

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Episode 55: It's a new year and the ladies have some wine resolutions to try and stick to. Plus, their favorite holiday wines and how Christina got drunk with her mom. Finally, the winner of the first ever Crush Giveaway is announced!

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